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On Thursday September 29 you have the opportunity to join a study tour to two local biogas facilities. During this full day study tour you will visit the installations of Digrom in Ardooie and Ivaco in Gistel.

DigromThe Digrom industrial installation in Ardooie has a capacity of 44.000 tons and is operational since 2012. The site is an add-on to an existing vegetable processing plant ARDO NV that produces frozen vegetables. The vegetable residues are digested together with a relatively small amount of energy crops. The biogas from the WWTP is also used in the CHP. The site has a cogeneration unit with an installed power of 1,5 MWe (planned capacity 3 MWe) and produces also steam for ARDO NV.

The Ivaco site in Gistel is a combination of a pig farm and a manure treatment installation. The farm has a capacity of 11.000 production pigs. The pocket digester is mainly fed with pig manure. Initially, a license was granted for 5.000 tons of fresh biomass per year, consisting of a combination of pig manure (raw and solid fraction) and energy corn. To increase the profitability, the company has increased the capacity to 12.500 ton.

The study tour will take a full day (09:00-17:00) and includes lunch. The bus leaves from and returns to the NH Gent Belfort hotel. You can register online (rate: € 100 ex VAT). Joining the study tour is only open for conference participants and cannot be booked separately.

Did you already register for the conference and do you want to join the study tour? Then please send an e-mail to Rianne Duindam,

For more information about the plants, see the fact sheets below.

Ivaco, Gistel                                 Digrom, Ardooie

factsheet ivaco.indd     factsheet ardo.indd



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