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In total more than 200 participants from 29 countries participated in the most successful edition of the EBA conference so far. Overall, the event proved to have fulfilled the expectations according to the participants’ evaluation. Participants considered that the most important reasons to attend the conference were the possibility to meet and network with colleagues and industry experts and the opportunity to receive a full update on the market and political aspects as well as to hear about new and innovative technical developments.

The plenary session on political affairs on the first day had high-level speakers from industry, academia and EU institutions alike, including the European Commission’s Vice-President Mr Jyrki Katainen, the Commission’s DG Energy’s Director Mrs Marie Donnelly and MEP Giovanni La Via, who then shared a panel discussion with EBA President Dr Jan Stambasky and Secretary General Susanna Pflüger. A surprise boat tour through the canals of Ghent, followed by a dinner at the refurbished Fish Market concluded the first conference day.

The programme on the second day included three blocks of three sessions each, covering issues such as biogas and biomethane production, current and future markets, biomethane in transport and biorefineries and digestate. The last sessions were focused on power to gas, methane emissions production and sustainable raw materials before the final session on climate change. The closure of the conference by Dr Stambasky highlighted the overall tone of optimism regarding the big potential of the sector and its ability to achieve it as expressed in the numerous sessions, and the need of having the appropriate legislative framework as an aide on place to make it possible.

The conference report with some statistisc and highlights of the conference is available here.

EBA Poster Award

During the final plenary session Dr Stambasky presented the First EBA Poster Award, received by Ms Lucy Culleton for her work titled “Underpinning green energy: Reference gas standards & methods for measurement of siloxanes in biogas”. Thanks to the great acceptance of this initiative, also future EBA Conferences will hold the EBA Poster Award.

Study tours on the third day, visiting the AD facilities of Ivaco (Gistel) and Digrom (Ardooie), completed the programme.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all to our next General Assembly (EBA Members only) and Workshop taking place in Brussels on 7-8 February 2017.


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