First speakers confirmed


The topics of the various programme sessions of the EBA 2018 conference are now final. More and more speakers are confirming their contribution. Please find below a brief overview of the current status.

The central theme of the EBA 2018 conference is greening gas. The conference starts on Wednesday January 24 with a plenary session on political affairs, with high-level speakers from the European Commission and the European Parliament, followed by two breakout sessions in the afternoon. In the session Best AD practices for biowaste treatment, Dr Jan Liebetrau (DBFZ) will present solutions for ‘Sustainability via fugitive emission mitigation in biowaste treatment’. In the session Biomethane in transport, Mr Andrea Gerini (NGVA Europe) will present an overview of transport uses of biomethane in Europe. In the Power to gas session, Dr Markus Forstmeier (BioCat project, Electrochaea) and Ms Doris Schmack (Viessmann Group) will throw light on the highly anticipated technology from scientific and industrial perspectives.

On the second conference day, representatives of the ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry) will present their vision on biomethane cross-border trade and the underlying certification system and mass balancing of the European natural gas grid. Confirmed speakers are Mr Peter Jürgens (REDcert), Mr Jeppe Bjerg ( and ERGaR President), Mr Mathias Edel (dena) and Mr Andreas Wolf (AGCS). In a session on Gasification, Professor Reinhard Rauch (KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Mr Christiaan van der Meijden (ECN) will span a bridge from R&D activities to commercialisation of the technology.

Professor Erik Meers (University of Ghent) and Professor Klaas Timmermans (NIOZ – Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea) focus on the biological side of the biogas process and will update attendees on new market opportunities via state-of-the-art digestate use and integrating the biogas technology into maritime uses. In the final plenary session, Mr Niels Henriksen (DONG Energy) will share the visions for green gas from the perspective of a major energy supplier.

More speaker contributions will be confirmed in the upcoming weeks. An overview of the conference programme is available on the conference website.