GRDF as silver sponsor of EBA

Guillaume Virmaux - GRDF - EBA sponsor 2018
Guillaume Virmaux, Head of European Affairs at GRDF.

GRDF is the main natural gas distribution network operator in France. It serves almost 11 million consumers spread over 9,500 towns and cities in France. As of July 2017, there are 31 facilities injecting biomethane into GRDF’s network, with its 196,940 km the longest gas distribution network in Europe.

GRDF supports the development of biomethane in many ways: performing initial feasibility studies, connecting production sites to its network, controlling the quality of gas injection, managing the registry of guarantees of origins, raising awareness of its benefits among the public and among decision makers. Being a silver sponsor of the 2018 EBA Conference is just another way to support the greening of gas grids.

GRDF is an active member of EBA since February 2014. GRDF benefits from sharing knowledge and expertise from EBA staff and members such as European biogas/biomethane national associations, companies and research institutes.

“GRDF particularly appreciates the best practices sharing, the benchmark of member states’ energy data done by EBA and the sharing of success stories which makes this network alive and proactive.”

With the conference, the company wants to share and discuss about its vision on the future biomethane development in France and in Europe.