Silver sponsor: Agraferm


One of the conference silver sponsors is Agraferm GmbH.  Based in Germany and active since 13 years, Agraferm developed a unique High-DM- process for the digestion of solid by-products, wastes or crops from agriculture and industry. The technology has been proven i.e. in the big German Biogas Monitoring program 2006 with top-ranking in efficiency. Agraferm was one of the earlier German companies to go international.

Agraferm is one of the few full service providers of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. Its profound knowledge of process engineering is applied especially in plants of greater than 1 MW power. The largest plant, rated at 18 MW el.eq. maybe world´s largest, utilizes electricity, Bio-CNG and ORC. Together with BTA International, experts for pre-treatment and MSW, they provide the full portfolio of biogas