Bronze sponsors


We are happy to introduce to you two of our bronze sponsors: Biogas-E and Yara.

Biogas-E is the knowledge platform for anaerobic digestion in Flanders. As an independent platform Biogas-E acts as a bridge between the government, biogas plant operators, research and manufacturers. Their main goal is the maximisation of the biogas potential in Flanders in a sustainable way by striving for a consistent and supportive legislation, solving potential bottlenecks, stimulating innovation and strengthening the social acceptability. They organise various network moments for interested stakeholders where exchanging ideas and establishing new contacts play a central role. The Biogas-E network provides the perfect introduction to the Flemish biogas sector.


Yara offers solutions to farmers and industrial customers while protecting the earth’s resources, food and environment. Founded in 1905, Yara has about 15,000 employees today and provides products to more than 150 countries. The application of its Biogas Production Optimizer (BPO) is Yara’s solution to grow the biogas yield, reduce the amount of substrate and balance the plant operation. As a side effect, H2S concentrations are reduced too. This is achieved by a tailor-made dosing strategy which can be monitored via Yara’s telemetry system. The technical dosing and monitoring approach is a part of the total BPO concept, developed by Yara.