ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH is a national gas transmission system operator in the European gas transport system based in Leipzig, Germany. ONTRAS operates Germany’s second-largest gas transmission system, with approximately 7,000 km of pipelines and about 450 interconnection points, to ensure the transport of natural gas to our customers. To do so, we link the interests of transport customers, dealers, regional network operators and producers of regenerative gases. 22 biogas facilities feed biomethane directly into the ONTRAS network. Additionally, two power-to-gas plants produce regenerative hydrogen using the electricity from wind turbines and feed it into the gas network.

ONTRAS is member of the Green Gas Initiative (GGI). GGI comprises seven independent gas infrastructure companies from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands who have committed themselves to achieve a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply in their transport infrastructure by the year 2050. Recently, GGI published the first report on the development of biomethane in their countries. Furthermore, ONTRAS supports specific activities of the German Biogas Council (Biogasrat) as well as the European Biogas Association (EBA), such as the upcoming EBA Biogas Conference in Antwerp 2018 (as a silver sponsor).


Study of Technical Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology from 1988-1996 Diploma Thesis: Biomass Gasification in an Internal Circulating Fluidised Bed PhD Thesis at Vienna University of Technology finished in 2000 about: Production of Synthesis Gas from Biomass.

Main topics:
– Advanced Biofuels
– Biomass Gasification
– Usage of the gas from biomass gasification for synthesis gas applications
(Fischer Tropsch, Methanation, Hydrogen, Alcohols)
– Analytics and Measurements of synthesis gas
– Optimisation of commercial biomass CHPs based on gasification
– Representative of Austria in IEA Bioenergy Task33 Thermal Gasification of
– Hybrid systems of renewable energy with biomass (Power to Liquids)


Since it’s foundation in 2010 Peter Jürgens is director of the REDcert GmbH which has been designated by German’s leading branch organisations in the agricultural and biofuel sector as a coordinator of the REDcert certification scheme for sustainable biomass and biofuels. In addition he is director of two other companies – ORGAINVENT and SeedGuard – which provide certification schemes and services in the field of food labelling and seed treatment. 

He studied agricultural science in Bonn and has a long experience with the development and operation of certification schemes in agribusiness and food sector. He’s also lead-auditor working for several certification bodies in the field of quality-, environmental- and food-safety management and
engaged as an instructor and inspector for the German Society for Quality (DGQ e.V.).




 Mr. Strömberg joined Scania in 2008. As Director for Sustainable Solutions, he is responsible for co-ordinating Scania’s activities on Sustainable Transportation for buses and trucks. Previously, he has held positions as:

  •  Head of Environmental Department at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
    (Sweden’s major Airport);
  • Environmental Manager at Stockholm Public Transport , Sweden’s largest public
    Transport Company;
  • Environmental Manager at Swedish Railways Freight Division and GreenCargo.

At Stockholm Public Transport, Mr. Strömberg was responsible for setting up the World’s
largest fleet of heavy duty fossil free buses, powered by hybrid powertrains, hydrogen,
bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas from local waste.

  • Mr. Strömberg is a member of EU’s expert group on advanced biofuels.
  • Mr. Strömberg frequently lectures internationally on sustainable transport.
  • Mr. Strömberg has an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Management and Engineering from
    Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Mr. Strömberg has served as President of the Fuels Cell Bus Club.
  • Mr. Strömberg is an undefeated champion in the TV quiz show “Jeopardy”




Niels Henriksen is Senior Advisor in New Bio Solutions a subsidiary of DONG Energy Bioenergy & Thermal Power (NBS). Niels has served DONG Energy (Denmark’s largest energy company) for almost 30 years, and has earlier been involved in coal-based power generation and numerous waste and renewable energy technologies for the last 20 years.

Today Mr. Henriksen is responsible for medium and long-term technology strategy, regulatory affairs, and funding related to the new bio and waste technologies in DONG Energy. He is also Chairman of the Danish organization Biorefining Alliance and Deputy Chairman of the boards of Inbicon A/S and Renescience A/S. 

Within the field of converting residue and waste to valuable products DONG Energy sees REnescience as promising technology for the global waste market. REnescience is an enzyme-based waste treatment solution created by DONG Energy. The technology has been developed from laboratory-scale, via a demonstration plant in Copenhagen, to the world’s first full-scale enzyme-based waste treatment plant –in Northwich, UK.

REnescience breaks with today’s practice of waste disposal and collection by centralizing the sorting of the waste – and in a more environmentally friendly way. Establishment of a REnescience plant is not necessarily a question of “either or”, it can be “both and” in terms of source separation and centralized separation. 

REnescience sorts waste much more effectively than individuals. It sorts out the non-degradable parts (glass, wood, plastic, metals etc.) and produce 3 to 5 times the amount of biogas from the biodegradable parts (food and paper waste) compared to sorting systems handled by individuals.




20 years as a medical surgeon mainly in Scandinavia but also in various African countries has made me a solution oriented person. As president of Biogasakademin my aim is to make biogas ”the talk of the town” for every visitor of Swedish airports, restaurants and restrooms.




Yvonne Aldentun (M Sc Forestry) is working as an Analyst at Kalmar County Traffic, Sweden. Aldentun has extensive experience in sustainability issues from R&D at the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, Ministry of Agriculture and Regional authorities in Uppsala County and Kalmar County.

Her research and development work has covered nature conservation in forestry and sustainable forestry methods. She has also been a secretary in the forest policy investigation underlying Sweden’s forest policy today, focusing on sustainability issues.

Aldentun has been head of the nature conservation unit at the County Administrative Board in Uppsala County. Later she was responsible for Kalmar County’s efforts to become a fossil fuel-free region at Kalmar County Board which also included an EU-funded biogas project.

Today Aldentun is responsible for strategic development at Kalmar County Traffic, including the transition of regional public transports into fossil fuel-free operation. She is also involved in regional development issues for traffic development and infrastructure.




Dr. Jan Liebetrau is Head of Biochemical Conversion Department at the Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ; German Biomass Research Center) in Leipzig.

After obtaining a Diploma in Civil Engineering Jan Liebetrau received his PhD at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar on the topic “Control System for the anaerobic treatment of organic waste”. From 2006 to 2007 he was visiting scientist at the Alberta Research Council, Canada, working on a project “Integrated Manure Utilization System” (IMUS). From 2008 to 2010 he has been group leader before he became Head of the Department Biochemical Conversion at (DBFZ). Jan Liebetrau’s main research interests are process control of AD processes, solid state fermentation and emissions from biogas plants.



Ralph Bahke, born 1964, studied Information Technology at the Technical University of Dresden. He joined VNG – Verbundnetz Gas AG in 1994 and became responsible for the planning of automation technology. In 2001 he changed to the Gas Transportation Department where he held various senior management positions.

Between January 2006 and November 2008, Ralph Bahke worked in senior management posts of the Network Marketing Department in the newly established transmission system operator ONTRAS. Since November 2008 he has been one of the two ONTRAS managing directors, responsible for the division controlling and development. From December 2009 to December 2015 Ralph Bahke was board member of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG).

In 2011, Ralph Bahke was appointed member of the Energy Advisory Board of the German Free State of Saxony. Since December 2012 he has been Chairman of the board of “Vereinigung der Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber Gas e.V.”, the association of German Transmission System Operators for Gas.



For the 2018 conference the number of sponsors is still growing! Several companies have signed up as a golden, silver or bronze sponsor. This article gives more information about the bronze sponsors ARCANUM Energy, AB and DuPont.

ARCANUM Energy caters in particular to power utility companies, farmers and communes and it delivers tailor-made strategies and business models in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency as well as agriculture with focus on energy, gas and carbon reduction. In the biomethane segment, the company is Germany’s leading expert in project development, operation, trading, handling and consulting. 

The company was awarded the “Biogas Product of the Year” and the “Biogas Partnership of the Year” awards in 2011, 2013 and 2014 by the German Energy Agency (dena). You may find more information on their website.


AB has been, since 1981, at the side of companies seeking to improve their own competitiveness, saving energy and limiting environmental emissions. Offering unparalleled know-how and production capacity, AB ensures the excellence of the plants, the  maximum  quality of both the installation and after-sales service.

Furthermore, AB  is  the  only  manufacturer able to  internally manage the entire manufacturing cycle of a cogeneration plant: consultancy, design, production, installation and start-up with a comprehensive service. This makes AB a leader in the field of cogeneration technologies and advanced solutions that contribute to the creation of a better future in the direction of an eco-sustainable system. Visit their website for more information.


DuPont Industrial Biosciences works with customers across a wide range of industries to make products and industrial processes more efficient and sustainable. Through a unique combination of agriculture, biotechnology, chemistry and material science capabilities, we advance market-driven, biobased solutions to meet the needs of a growing population, while protecting our environment for future generations.

For updates about how DuPont Industrial Biosciences is helping customers across diverse industries deliver cost-effective products with superior performance and sustainability visit their website.




EBA offers its sponsors a choice of various attractive sponsor packages. Each package consists of visibility before and during the conference, offline as well as online, exhibition participation and an attractive markting item. All sponsorship packages can be extended with additional marketing items, tailor-made to the sponsor’s wishes.


Interested in one of the sponsor packages, exhibiting or looking for a tailor-made option? Please contact Esther Riphagen, for more information.