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The third Conference of the European Biogas Association will cover biogas, syngas and biomethane production. The conference starts with an optional lunch, followed by a plenary session on political affairs, including a conclusive panel discussion. In the evening participants are welcomed at the conference dinner, a good opportunity to meet and share views with representatives from research, industry and production.

11:30-12:30 Optional lunch; arrival and welcome with coffee and tea

12:30-14:15 Plenary session on Political Affairs

Plenary session on political affairs , moderated by Mr. Christoph Maria Ravesloot
Opening Speech and Welcome
Dr. Jan Stambasky, President of EBA | Show presentation
The Province of East-Flanders and its keen interests in biobased economy
Alexander Vercamer,  First Deputy of the Province of East-Flanders
Biogas done right: what does it mean?
Prof. Bruce E. Dale, PHD, Michigan State University | Show presentation
The Future of Gas; a UK perspective
Mr.David Parkin, National Grid, UK | Show presentation
Decarbonisation of transport and the role of biomethane in Europe
Mr. Giovanni La Via, MEP

14:15-15:00 Coffee break; exhibition and poster session open

15:00-16:30 Plenary session on Political affairs (continued)

Plenary session on political affairs (continued)
Commission – Renewable Energy Directive
Ms. Marie Donnelly, Director DG Energy of the European Commission | Show presentation
Circular Economy
Mr. Jyrki Katainen, Vice President of the European Commission
Moderated panel discussion

18:00-22:00 Conference dinner at the Old Fishmarket, Rekelingestraat 5, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


During this second conference day there will be parallel sessions on all conference topics, followed by a conclusive plenary session.

9:00-10:30 Parallel sessions

Biogas production – moderated by David Collins
Marcel Pohl | Show presentation
“Repowering – motivation and outcome of measure for performance optimization of biogas facilities”
Bruno Mattheeuws | Show presentation
“Impact of different pretreatments on the anaerobic digestion of household waste”
Ghent University
Leen De Gelder | Show presentation
“Biodegradability of Mycotoxins during Anaerobic Digestion”
BTS Biogas
Michael Niederbacher | Show presentation
“Chicken manure, straw and agricultural by-product: the future is greening bio-gas”
Biomethane and syngas production – moderated by Harm Grobrügge
Dr. Jörgen Held | Show presentation
“Biomethane production through thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste”
Cryo Pur
Denis Clodic | Show presentation
“Bio LNG and Bio CO2 measured purities produced by Cryo Pur equipment”
Cortus Energy
Magnus Nelsson Folkelid | Show presentation
“WoodRoll® – Ultraclean syngas taking bioenergy forward”
ENGIE and Göteborg Energi
Olivier Guerrini and Eric Zinn | Show presentation
“Gasification technologies and contribution to Biomethane development”
Greening natural gas – moderated by Stefano Proietti
Dr Attila Kovacs | Show presentation
“EBA’s concept for cross-border biomethane trade administration”
Becker Büttner Held
Dr. Dörte Fouquet | Show presentation
“The legal aspects of EBA’s cross-border biomethane trade administration concept”
Landwarme GmbH
Zoltan Elek 
“Cross-border biomethane trade – a case example from Hungary”
Andrea Stegher | Show presentation
“Greening the natural gas infrastructure”

10:30-11:00 Coffee break, exhibition and poster session open

11:00-12:30 Parallel sessions

Current and Future markets – moderated by Philipp Lukas
German Biogas Association
Florian Strippel  |  Show presentation
“Economic opportunities for the German biogas market within the framework of a tendering model”
Michał Tarka  Show presentation
“Investment opportunities under the new Polish renewable energy sources law”
University Sultan Moulay Slimane
Ouatmane Aaziz 
“Moroccan high ammonia landfill leachates treatment by a coupled nitrification-UASB process”
US EPA Climate Change Division
Chris Voell |  Show presentation
“Opportunities and challenges on the American biogas market”
Biorefineries & Circular economy & Digestate – moderated by Erik Meers
European Commission
Eric Liégeois |  Show presentation
“Digestate under the revised EU Fertiliser Regulation”
BOKU University
Bernhard Drosg |  Show presentation
“Examples for the recovery of nutrients during anaerobic digestion – Overview of Austrian research projects”
Mathilde Baudry |  Show presentation
“Selecting the correct anaerobic digestion technology for resource recovery from wastewater”
University of Ghent
Ivona Sigurnjak |  Show presentation
“Field trial overview with digestate”
Biomethane in Transport – moderated by Anders Mathiasson
Matthias Edel |  Show presentation
“Introduction of the green house gas emissions quota system boosting biomethane in transport”
Mattias Svensson |  Show presentation
“Challenges and opportunities for the future biomethane powered automotive market”
Jonas Strömberg |  Show presentation
“Biomethane as a commercial and sustainable fuel for buses and trucks”
NGVA Europe
Matthias Maedge |  Show presentation
“NGVA Roadmap 2030”

12:30- 14:00 Lunch break, exhibition and poster session open

14:00-15:15 Parallel sessions

Power to Gas – moderated by Jan Štambaský
Fraunhofer IWES
Mr Jochen Bard |  Show presentation
“Power-to-gas in combination with biogas: a technology review”
Jonas Klückers  |  Show presentation
“Power to gas: biological methanation-certification of renewable gas for mobility”
University of Szeged
Kornél L. Kovács |  Show presentation
“An efficient solution of the Power-to-Biomethane (P2B) concept”
Paul Scherrer Institute
Julia Witte |  Show presentation
“Biogas Upgrading via Catalytic Methanation with Hydrogen from Power-to-Gas Applications”
Methane Emissions production – moderated by Attila Kovacs
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Magnus Andreas Holmgren |  Show presentation
“Results from 10 years of methane emission measurements at Swedish AD plants”
Jan Liebetrau  |  Show presentation
“Monitoring of methane emissions from biogas plants and resulting measures for construction and operation”
University of Bath
Paul Adams |  Show presentation
“Measurement of fugitive methane emissions and assessment of UK biogas and biomethane facilities compliance with biomass sustainability criteria”
Alessandro Agostini |  Show presentation
“Economics of GHG emissions mitigation via biogas production from sorghum, maize and dairy farm manure digestion in the PO valley”
Sustainable raw materials – moderated by Franz Kirchmeyr
Italian Biogas Association and AD and Bioresources Association
Stefano Bozzetto and Charlotte Morton |  Show presentation
“The feedstocks for an advanced biofuel”
Emiliano Bruni |  Show presentation
“Benefits and pitfalls in the use of manures in AD plants. Key parameters for the assessment of biogas yields from manures in commercial-scale biogas plants”
Fraunhofer UMSICHT
Andreas Weger |  Show presentation
“Biogas production from animal by-products”
Harmen Dekker |  Show presentation
“Biogas upgrading with varying feedstock: 3 years later”

15:15- 15:45 Coffee break, exhibition and poster session open

15:45-17:15 Plenary session, including conference closing remarks and poster award ceremony.

Plenary session on climate change, moderated by Mr. Christoph Maria Ravesloot
Thijs de Vries |  Show presentation
“Greening the gas: the perspective of gasification technology “
Tim Cayford |  Show presentation
“Gaseous energy: time for a new paradigm”

During an optional full day study tour you have the opportunity to visit two local biogas facilities.

Sites to be visited:

Digrom, Ardooie

The Digrom industrial installation in Ardooie has a capacity of 44.000 tons and is operational since 2012. The site is an add-on to an existing vegetable processing plant ARDO NV that produces frozen vegetables. The vegetable residues are digested together with a relatively small amount of energy crops. The biogas from the WWTP is also used in the CHP. The site has a cogeneration unit with an installed power of 1,5 MWe (planned capacity 3 MWe) and produces also steam for ARDO NV.

Ivaco, Gistel

The Ivaco site in Gistel is a combination of a pig farm and a manure treatment installation. The farm has a capacity of 11.000 production pigs. The pocket digester is mainly fed with pig manure. Initially, a license was granted for 5 .00 tons of fresh biomass per year, consisting of a combination of pig manure (raw and solid fraction) and energy corn. To increase the profitability, the company has increased the capacity to 12.500 ton.

Duration: 09:00-17:00

Costs: € 100 ex VAT (including lunch)

The study tour is open for all conference participants. It cannot be booked separately.

For more information about the plants, see the fact sheets below.

Ivaco, Gistel                                 Digrom, Ardooie

factsheet ivaco.indd     factsheet ardo.indd

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