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Alessandro worked in the European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport till December 2015.

His main activity was the LCA of bioenergy, especially in terms of GHG emissions of solid and gaseous biofuels.
He provided support to the calculation of the default GHG emission values of bioenergy and biofuels in the framework of the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive, with DG ENER as main customer. He was mostly in charge of the solid and gaseous pathways.

In 2014 he published the report ‘Solid and gaseous bioenergy pathways: input values and GHG emissions’ which provides the scientific bases of SWD (2014)259, the update of the default values for solid and gaseous bioenergy pathways.

His work included the contribution to JRC technical reports (e.g. the reports Carbon accounting of forest bioenergy, JEC – WTW study, the report for the EU parliament ‘The impact of biofuels on transport and the environment, and their connection with agricultural development in Europe’).

Alessandro authored many scientific publications in peer reviewed journals on the sustainability of bioenergy.
In order to involve the stakeholders and the scientific community in the definition of the GHG emissions of the pathways to be included in the directive, he supported the organization of Enlargement and Integration workshops, Expert consultations, stakeholder consultations and other policy support activities. In 2013 he won the JRC IET Award for policy support.

Alessandro is now back in ENEA, the Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development.


Alessandro Agostini

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