Christoph Maria RaveslootModerator

Christoph Maria Ravesloot studied architecture at Delft University of Technology (M.ENG) and Science and Technology Studies at Amsterdam University (M.STS). He is a applied scientist working at accelerating innovations for sustainability. He earned a Ph.D. degree at Eindhoven University of Technology in interactive Constructive Appropriate Technology (iCAT) (Ph.D.). He designed and built the first Dutch Zero Energy house (1994) and the first NetZero renovation (1998). After this more inventions were done, mostly on process innovation and methods for collaboration.

His work focusses on applied research and field testing of problem solving methods and al kinds of methods to speed up innovation processes. He is chairman and moderator for various kinds of congresses and conferences aiming from scientific knowledge exchange to collaboration between innovators and public authorities. He is professor of applied science at tho universities Inholland and Rotterdam. He is action learning coach for students and teachers and horse assisted coach for innovation teams and sports teams. In his spare time, he is active as field hockey referee, as long distance runner and as sailer on Dutch inland waters. And yes, he is busy al the time.

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