Dr. Dörte FouquetBBH and EREF

In 1991, Dr. Dörte Fouquet moved from Hamburg to Brussels as a civil servant and lawyer. Since 1993 she works as Lawyer from Brussels, until 2010 as Senior Partner of the Law firm Kuhbier. She joined BBH as Partner in January 2011 and heads the Brussels team. She is the director of EREF, the European Renewable Energies Federation.

As a recognized international expert in the areas of energy, environmental and competition law,
she has had a particular focus on energy system transformation, and developed particular
expertise in the fields of energy efficiency, chemicals, waste and waste management.

Dr. Dörte Fouquet is a trusted expert partner of the European and international institutions. She
has represented clients in national jurisdictions and before the European Courts. She specialises
in providing advice on legal developments in Europe and supports clients in their reactions to

Tel.: 0032 2 204 44 11

Email: doerte.fouquet@eref-europe.org

Address: Avenue Marnix 28, 1000 Brussels

Website : http://www.eref-europe.org/

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