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Eric Liégeois is born in 1967, in Tournai (Belgium). In 1990, he was graduated Chemical Engineer for Agricultural Industries, from the University of Gembloux (Belgium).
He joined the Belgian Federal Ministry for Agriculture in 1992 where he was successively in charge of plant protection products, GMOs, control of pesticides sprayers, as desk officer, principal engineer and finally staff member of the cabinet Gabriels-Neyts (in the Verhofstadt government).

He was then seconded as national expert to the European Commission in 2002 at DG Environment where he was in charge of the Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides.

In 2005 he took the position of Director (Risk Management Unit) at the Belgian Ministry of Public Health and the Environment, where his team of 45 persons was in charge of implementing REACH, CLP and Biocides.

In June 2007 he decided to join again the European Commission as a permanent administrator official in the Chemicals Unit at DG ENTR (now DG GROW) where he works mainly on Plant Protection Products, Biocides, RoHS (electric and electronic devices) and started to be involved in the Fertilisers group as from early 2010.

In his current position he is in charge of the revised Fertilisers Regulation proposal and is leading a team in charge of Fertilisers, Detergents, Plant Protection Products, Biocides, Waste recycling and Plastics and is part of DG GROW team for circular economy package.

Eric is married and has no children.

Team Leader Fertilisers, Detergents, Pesticides/Biocides,
Plastics and Wastes Recycling

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