Jochen BardFraunhofer IWES

Jochen Bard is head of the division energy systems and process engineering at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy Systems IWES, Kassel. The unit covers bioenergy systems, energy storage and control engineering for wind and ocean energy systems.

Activities range from feasibility and market studies to technology R&D projects and full scale pilot and demonstration projects across Europe. The R&D work includes conceptual design, modelling of resources and device performance, power take-off technologies, system technology and control engineering for various storage solutions ranging from electrochemical (lead acid and Li-Ion),  chemical (hydrogen and methane) to mechanical (compressed air and unconventional pumped hydropower).

The department for bioenergy system technology (Dr. Bernd Krautkremer) develops new technologies and business models for the demand driven supply of biogas, biogas upgrading and a direct methanation concept combining Power to Gas with biogas.

From 2005-2007 he worked as Research Analyst of the German Advisory Council on Global Change -WBGU. In 1995 he started to work as scientific employee at Kassel University after he completed his Diploma in Physics at Karlsruhe University (KIT).