Michael NiederbacherBTS biogas

    Michael Niederbacher, Chief Marketing Officer of BTS Biogas, is graduated at the BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Science) in Vienna. As agriculturalist he devoted the last 15 years of his life to the world of biogas. Thanks to his work and experiences in all matters concerning biogas he is today one of the leading biogas experts in Europe. Since one of his biggest concern is pushing the biogas world to a higher level, he was cofounder first of the Klimaenergy fiery in Bozen, then of the Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB) in march 2009 and finally of the European Biogas Association (EBA).

    One of his goals is to substitute at least one nuclear power plant by biogas plants.

    He is member of the CIB Board and Technical Committee and Member of the EBA’s CAC.

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