Stefano BozzettoItalian Biogas Association

Dr. Bozzetto graduated as agricultural engineer in Bologna, Italy, in the first half of the 80s. He has been always busy with in the field of agro-food and agro-industry managing even family companies where he constantly combined in his entrepreneurial activities innovation and sustainability. Since almost a decade his center of gravity moved in the direction of sustainable farming and biogas production. Currently he is investor and manager of seven agricultural farms, six of which have a 1 MWe Biogas plant. He is one of the early developer of the Biogasdoneright platform technologies and he constantly develops new, improved techniques for mitigating GHG emissions from agriculture and innovative technologies for the Anaerobic Digestion. He is in the advisory board of the Italian Biogas Council and he is also executive member of the European Biogas Association. He is author of different peer reviewed articles and many position paper on Biogasdoneright.

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